We Are Open For Business!!!

As of this morning (12th Aug, 2016) we are now fully open for business!!! 

We at Bene Pizza and Pasta can’t be happier on this fantastic day!

Thank you so much to all of you who helped us to get this place finally open and ready! Thank you to all the following people, in particular:

  • Jamie Jones
  • Lee Tyle
  • Paul Curtis
  • Lena Smith
  • Jimmy Malfitano
  • Ant Wright
  • Jamie Mol
  • Jenna Kay
  • Diana La Plante
  • Toby Benedict
  • Linda Bennett

We really can’t thank you all enough and the team who actually built the place were superb too. I know we had our ups and downs throughout the past few months with some things going wrong or proving too expensive and so on but we’re all settled now and we have such a great restaurant to show for all our hard work. Our children will be able to one day pass it onto their children (if they want kids that is!). Either way, we have a superb restaurant that will hopefully be open for many, many, many decades to come and bring great joy to all of those who come and visit it.

Come on down, guys and girls! We even hired a hot tub for this weekend as it’s going to be scorchio!!! Come down soon and say hi and grab yourselves a slice of amazing pizzzzzza!!! We’ll also be giving away Amazon vouchers to the first five people who walk through our doors on Saturday! We will be opening at 6pm.

Please feel free to contact us here or just come on down! We’ll be updating this blog with all kinds of contact info ASAP.